Bridgestone Golf J15 Fairway # 5 Wood

Brand: Bridgestone
Product Code: U1EB1WR5

Price: $249.99

The new woods and hybrids produce “high launching distance with soft landings and the ability to be played from anywhere, including the tee, fairway, rough and even greenside,” says Josh Kinchen, Golf Clubs and Accessories Marketing Manger at Bridgestone Golf.

To accomplish the desired performance improvements, Bridgestone designed its J15 woods and hybrids with three core technologies — F.A.S.T (Flex Action Speed Technology) Crowns, Hyper Stainless 455 Steel Faces and Weighted Port Technology.

he F.A.S.T Crown, made of High Strength AM355 Maraging Steel, is thinner near the clubface and gets progressively thicker toward the rear, which allows the club to flex more at impact producing a spring-like effect for higher launch and ball speeds.

Club faces of both the fairway wood and hybrids are made from Hyper Stainless 455 Steel, which is the thinnest face ever from Bridgestone, measuring 1.8 millimeters in thickness. This gives the clubs the “maximum repulsion within conforming rules” according to the company.

Bridgestone aficionados will notice alterations to the sole shapes, which enhanced the versatility of the woods and hybrids. By removing material from the sole’s heel, engineers were able to reduce club head drag from a multitude of lies. Also, Bridgestone lowered the rear soles to help encourage a sweeping motion as the club meets the turf at impact, eliminating the tendency of woods and hybrids to dig.

Both the fairway woods and hybrids have a removeable weight in their sole that allows golfers to tweak swingweight.

  • Lofts: 13.5, 15 and 18 degrees (15 and 18 available for left-handers on April 1).

J15HY Hybrids ($189) come stock with Mitsubishi Rayon’s Fubuki Z Hybrid shaft and a custom yellow Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip.

  • Lofts: 17, 19, 21 and 23 degrees (21 and 23 available for left-handers on April 1)

The J15 fairway woods and hybrids will be available on Feb. 1, 2015.


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